Truth to Power


Bush’s hypocrisy truly unbearable

  • The pols confused law with theology and allowed tabloidism to trump privacy.



Published by on March 29, 2005

As Texas governor, George W. Bush presided over 152 executions, more than took place in the rest of the country combined. In at least a few of these cases, reasonable doubts were raised about the guilt of the condemned. But Bush cut his personal review time for each case from a half hour to a mere 15 minutes (most other governors spend many hours reviewing each capital case to assure themselves no doubt of guilt exists). His explanation was that he trusted the courts to sort through the life-and-death complexities. That’s right: the courts.

Well stated comment on current events, which gets to the root of a lot of peoples discontent and rage at our current circumstance, namely, the hypocrisy of it all.

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