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Christian my ass

Driving to work this morning I turned on the radio, and caught the tag end of a lead in to a report. “….and more on this breaking story, and the overnight developments.” So for a moment I was all excited, thinking that perhaps we’d pulled out of Iraq overnight or something.

But rather it was concerning the ongoing tragedy in Florida, and the further meddling of the state in what should be a private affair. Now I feel for Schiavo’s family. As a parent, I can’t begin to imagine the horror this affair has to be causing them. My heart goes out to all of them.

But, that said, when I heard someone speaking about the case referring to our liar in chief as a “good Christian” for signing a rushed bill to keep Terry alive in the early hours of Monday morning, I almost drove my car off the road. For the record, a “good Christian” doesn’t:

Order children to be burned to death with jellied gasoline.

Destroy a hospital on the eve of a major assault, in order to “stop propaganda” about “civilian losses” to be spread by doctors there.

Smirk when a woman is about to be murdered by the state, in a string of record setting executions when he was Governor of Texas.

Again, I feel sorrow for the Schiavio family, as anyone would. And I’m sorry that George Bush, a murderous, lying, twofaced thug, has interjected himself into this private affair. He should be, at the least, ashamed.

But a creature so vile could only have gotten thus without such human emotions. When I hear people berating moderate Muslims for not rushing to condemn the actions of militant Islamics, I wonder, when are moderate Christians going to rise up and speak out against such hypercrites as Bush, who cloak themselves in the name of God, only to commit horrendous acts of sin? And until they do, they have lost the right to complain about being “persecuted” for their beliefs.

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