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Army report: U.S. lost control in Iraq three months after invasion

In November 2003, the military drafted a formal plan for stability and post-combat operations, Wilson said. Termed Phase-4, the plan was meant to follow such stages as preparation for combat, initial operations and combat. “There was no Phase IV plan,” the report said. “While there may have been plans at the national level, and even within various agencies within the war zone, none of these plans operationalized the problem beyond regime collapse. There was no adequate operational plan for stability operations and support operations.”

Uh guys? If you’re going to go to the trouble of waging illegal and immoral wars, at least DO THEM RIGHT…

If anyone is familar with Lewis Black (and you should be) his scenario of stoned kids firing off rockets based on a notebook of battleplans really starts to sound like reality, the more you read about how this FUBAR’d from the get-go oil grab was planned and run.

As with many seeming mistakes and faulty logic that our unelected goon has chosen to try, the absence of a plan to leave Iraq is most likely not a miscue. We’re building 14 permanent bases as well as the largest embassy in the world there. We ain’t leaving.

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