Ass-End Offend

Ass-End Offend

Ass-End Offend

Character Assassins

Wantage USA / Poisoned Candy

I don’t usually pay much attention to the press stuff that comes with CDs, but I happened to read the kit for Ass-End Offend. You will be pleased to know, they have “amassed a serious following across Montana,” although they have yet to make it big in North Dakota. Perhaps this means the end of hardcore as we know it, as it blazes across Big Sky Country, 20 years after conquering California. AEO has a pretty standard sound: uncoordinated drumming, fuzzy guitars and a marble-mouthed lyricist. Naturally, there is no way to deduce lyrics by listening, but they are neatly printed inside the jewel case insert, in a full page sentence set in small type. Somehow illegible typography adds punch to the punk message of frustration and anger, but I think it dilutes the message.

Ass-End Offend has a great name and a solidly in-the-middle-of-the-pack sound. No new ground is ploughed here, except perhaps by Montana standards. If you love the trashing guitar sound of angry young men, this disc can’t hurt your collection. But it won’t improve it that much either.

Ass-End Offend:

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