Fripp & Eno

Fripp & Eno

Fripp & Eno

The Equatorial Stars

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The Equatorial Stars is the perfect name for an album with music emanating from the two celestial bodies of ambient originator Brian Eno and prog-rock guitarist Robert Fripp. The resulting material is nearly a straight homage to ’70s sci-fi films and high times of their youth spent at planetariums. By and large it’s a calm drift through the cosmos, with Eno providing all manner of sound-shifting masses for Fripp to cleave and stitch together as he pleases. “Tarazed,” my favorite of these “conventional” tracks, has such synchronicity between guitar and keyboard that the two are indistinguishable until Fripp makes his incisions.

Elsewhere, the duo spice up the night life with a faint drum beat and Fripp evoking the maw of the voidm, rumbling like coments through Eno’s heavenly nebula on “Lupus.” Likewise, scratchy funk chords and an understated spy movie rhythm provide interesting punctuation on “Altair,” a place I can only assume is the hippest portion on the galactic map.

It’s interesting stuff; not necessarily what I’d want to listen to on early mornings, but it’s great for late nights.

Discipline Global Mobile:

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