The Sound of the Crowd


Two or three of you may have noticed some problems with the comments sections here at The Sound of the Crowd of late. This is mostly because we’ve been getting “comment spammed” to death.

What this means is that little robots latch onto the comments pages and post urls that they hope will entice you to go look at pictures of breasts and/or buy things you probably don’t need.

It’s hard to stop in the same way that the Terminator is hard to stop, because you’re not dealing with a human being, you’re dealing with machines that adapt to whatever you put up to stop them.

Anyway, what we’re trying now–and by we I mostly mean the blessed tech talk translator, Ian Koss–is a new system. Whereby, when you leave a comment, you will be asked to enter a numerical confirmation code. This should stymie the computers, fingers crossed.

I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a comment, either to this item or another that catches your fancy, sometime in the next 24 hours to help us test this out. Thank you and good afternoon.

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