The Sound of the Crowd


Ok, there’s a lot of chatter about the new Pope on the blogs this afternoon. I’ve been chosing to ignore most of it. But John from AmericaBlog revisits the Ratzinger-as Nazi question if you’re interested, it’s well worth reading.

The reason I’ve been choosing to ignore most of it is because…I was thinking about this last night, and you know what? It’s the Catholic Church. They serve one good purpose and one good purpose only. And that is to put 16-year-old girls in conviently short skirts and fill their heads up with how sinful sex is, so the thought of it will turn them on even more. And believe me, that is a useful service to mankind.

But other than that, the Catholic Church is completely and utterly irrelevant, and only superstitious, credulous fools think otherwise. So I was just gonna leave it be, until I saw Wolcott’s latest riff on the new pope, and reaction to him in the sometimes-called Secular media. He quotes Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin, who says:

“When our hearts sink because beloved baseball players are discovered to be chemical freaks or admired merchant princes turn out to be crooks, we can count on the Pope. He will be steady, consistent, unshakable.”

Wolcott then uses 20 good paragraphs to expand on my reaction to this little bit of scientific observation, which can be summed up in the headline to this post.

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