The Sound of the Crowd

In all my life, I never wanted to see a “sexy” Admiral Ackbar

I think Lucas is just fucking with us at this point. And considering the item that was going around about SW fans who are waiting in line…in front of a theater where Ep 3 isn’t booked

…I’d say he’s got the intellectual level of his fans down cold. Speaking of which, let’s look in on Jeff Tweiten, our local boy who was “moved by how [the] films capture mythic themes of heroism, discipline, and inner strength.”

So moved, in fact, that he is choosing to embody those themes in his own life. How is he doing this? Why, by already being waiting in line for the next movie, and commemorating this with his own blog.

What’s Jeff up to? I’m glad you asked. He’s been moved to poetry.

Sorta makes people like Shakespeare, Muir, or Coward look like elitist pricks, doesn’t it?

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