The Sound of the Crowd

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  1. A conservative hypocrite and a chance to mock Tennessee all in one story. Now that’s what I call a picnic.

  1. I recently got into a…well, “debate” is too strong a word, because that implies people backing up their arguments. I was discussing Eminem with some people, one of whose argument was that the rapper couldn’t possibly be a homophobe or mysoginist, because he isn’t a racist.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. This gentlemen feels that if you’re not bigoted against one group, you won’t be bigoted against any. I’m just wondering whether I shouldn’t slip this letter from a credit to his sexuality to my learned correspondent.

  1. As we’ve discussed before, “god-fearing christians” absolutely love to feel opressed. That’s why they’e so good at following Christ’s teachings.

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