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Oh, I have a guess as to why…

Election Reformers Bemoan Inadequacies

All the questions about lines and voting machines and other factors that make voting more difficult do not explain why 40 percent of Americans don’t even try to vote. That is one more question that the commission hopes to address.

Um, as a person who has not missed voting since I became able to, and who is now NEVER AGAIN voting in an election until we have a verifiable method of casting and counting votes, I have a guess as to why 40% of voters don’t- they know that their vote doesn’t count, for 2 reasons:

1: Black box voting has made it impossible to assure “one man one vote”.

2: More importantly, we only have one political party in this country. WTF difference does it make who you vote for, when the end result is the same?

Contrast the story above with the comments of Congressman John Conyers. He calls the proceedings “outrageous”.

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