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From Operation Truth, a website setup for veterans of the war in Iraq to share their stories and get information. The accounts they give are free of the partisan/”war on terra” BS that has corrupted our media. For example:

The 203rd ECB (H) medical section deployed with their unit from Southwest Missouri to Iraq on May 22, 2003 during Operational Iraqi Freedom to provide medical support for the units 600 plus soldiers. That in itself is a pretty big order considering the section consist of one PA and eight Medics. Little did they know that when they arrived at the Baghdad International Airport they would become the medical support systems Level I aide station for close to 2000 more troops.

Being a small medical section supplies were always an issue and when supplies were low all medical sections personnel were pushed hard to find a new source by networking with other units. Sometimes members of the section even went to an Army supplies collection point over an hour away by convoy, and spent the entire day in the blazing hot sun digging through boxes of supplies turned in by exiting units.</i>

This site is a must read, if you’re interested in how things are really going over there, and how those brave men and women are facing death to do it. When they shouldn’t be.

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