Fever Dream

Fever Dream

Fever Dream


Coalition Records

Pound that guitar. Pound that drum. Pound on the remnants of the American Dream. That’s the theme of this 5 song EP: angry young sounds for the Angry Young Men (and Women) of the world. Occasionally, some tight vocals appear, other times they are lost under the guitar. Lyrically, they grouse about American society and dating and all the mandatory stuff. But there is one noteworthy song, the provocative “My Johnson.” You’ll be invited to shake hands with Johnson, but I’ll pass on that. Wrapping it all up, the band goes dancing with a girl they don’t like all that well.

Fever Dream presents a challenging listen, with its jinky tunes and tense arrangements. I would expect to hear this on a very earnest college radio show, but only after 10 pm on weekdays.

Coalition Records: http://www.coalition-records.com

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