Clatter For Control


Constellation Records has always been known for dwelling on the dystopic end of the music spectrum emanating from futures where the world’s at such a loss for words, there’s only music to mourn. In viola and drums duo Hangedup, Constellation has their most cinematic band this side of Godspeed You! Black Emperor: the Bernard Hermann to that band’s Ennio Morricone. Clatter For Control is divided into three distinct movements, each featuring one song that provides a strong rhythmic and melodic structure that is slowly dispersed until the chaos has finally removed all semblance of the anchor song’s sound. “Klang Klang,” the opener, is a quick-paced run through a mine field that leads to the bomb-dropped beats and slow air-raid siren wails of “Alarm” before seeking shelter, weeping in the broken cityscapes of “A Different Kind of Function” and finally ending up huddled in the clammy, claustrophobic sewer of “Kick-Back-Hub.” A similar pattern runs throughout the remaining tracks.

Hangedup never reach the bombastic heights of Godspeed; they don’t even make an attempt. It works to the duo’s benefit, because the sounds they are able to accomplish inspire a level of intimacy that Godspeed’s canopy of noise lacks. This is two people’s unique vision of the sounds of the apocalypse: sweeping, percussive, raging and completely moving.

Constellation: www.cstrecords.com

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