The Sound of the Crowd

We did it before and we can do it again

Daily Kos points out once again the cowardice and hypocrisy of those who support and defend the war from behind their keyboards, but refuse to enlist.

It’s a point I agree with and that others have made before, but I wanted to add something to one of Kos’s last paragraphs:

“After Pearl Harbor was bombed, Americans lined up at military recruitment offices to give themselves to their nation in its time of need. That was the true definition of patriotism, those men spoke truth to our national anthem’s “home of the brave”.

No argument. Of course, Americans after Pearl Harbor was bombed could be confident that by joining up, they’d actually be going to…oh, what is the phrase…“fight the enemy.” As in, the people who’d actually done the attacking (and their allies).

Now if you join up, the only thing you can be confident of is that you will be kidnapped, killed and/or wounded by people who were never any threat to us and had nothing to do with those who attacked us.

Can’t imagine why there’s not a longer line at the recruiting station. Of course, the chickenhawks can’t say any of that…

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