The Sound of the Crowd

The Washington Post is shocked-shocked!

To think that maybe Bush and the GOP don’t have a mandate after all. Now, as one or two of you know, my knowledge of math is matched and perhaps surpassed only by my knowledge of sports…

…but even I knew that 51% did not a mandate make. But, go tell that to the press. As Digby says:

“After 9/11 (or maybe even before, when they anointed him in 2000 and told the rest of us to “get over it”) they never once gave up the idea that Bush was a popular, extraordinary leader who only a few hippies in Hollywood and a couple of stiffs in New York didn’t like because he talked funny. We had to fight that every step of the way in 2004 and still we came extremely close to winning.”

And hey, who knows what we could have done if we’d had a candidate that could speak in concise sentences?

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