The Sound of the Crowd

No Doubt

…it’s because my women characters Keitha and Annabel are currently taking up large segments of what I laughingly refer to as my gray matter. But I’m just seeing lots of blog items today that concern women.

Here Ms. Egalia, who has our deepest sympathies for having to live in a duck-humping, racist, rock-stupid, anti-sex hillbilly state, offers her thoughts about recent poll data showing a majority of support for Hillary Clinton for President:

We’ll also get the bonus of experiencing some very interesting private and public gender dramas. Many of these will be far easier on the American psyche with Hillary Clinton as the first female presidential candidate on a major party ticket. Remember when Geraldine Ferraro ran for Vice President and Americans got uncomfortable at the sight of her husband standing in the background?

That won’t be a problem with Bill Clinton. There is no other man in the country so qualified to be America’s first First Gentleman.

The man has been there, done that. He has nothing to prove. Thus, the all-consuming national concern for the welfare of the fragile male ego will be largely appeased, or at least more so than if any other woman were to run. </b>

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