Big Thicket

Big Thicket

Big Thicket

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Well, they got a Big Beat here, and Big Thicket knows how to work it. There’s not a huge range of audio fireworks, but tons of rhythm pounded out by a guy named Afandi. He’s a former bassist for some bands I’m not hip enough to have in my collection, but he makes for a compelling listening. Afandi comes from somewhere in Gold Country, California; I’d have to place his sound into some sort of “Swamp Rock” category. There’s big grinding bass, muddy lyrics and an ominous sound that makes me think of alligators.

If you dig through the noise, there are lyrics of humor and bombast. “Nico-tane-me” is simple, drawing a parallel between addiction and love. Not much to argue with there. The title song is a bit weaker, with a rather repetitive hook. And “Big Bad Wolf” carries the subtext of implied, but not explicitly stated, sex: He big, he’s bad, but maybe he’s what you’re looking for.

I can see this record as a strong backup to one of those loud beer parties where you know the cops are going to come a few times, and you have to decide just how long you’ll stick around — you want to maximize the entertainment, but not have to come up with bail. When this record ends, discretion should outweigh valor.

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