And Piglet too

And Piglet too

Damn. Double damn. The day after we have the news that Paul Winchell, the voice of Tigger among many other varied accomplishments, has died, we get this:

John Fiedler, 80, Stage Actor and Film Voice of Pooh’s Piglet, Dies

Like Winchell, Fiedler had a long list of credits besides the wonderful Milne/Disney voice for which he is best remembered. I see by looking him up on the IMDB that he was in a couple of the first Disney movies I remember seeing “new” in the theater: The Rescuers (animated) and The Shaggy D.A. (live-action).

But the on-camera role for which I best remember him is in the episode of “classic” Star Trek, Wolf in the Fold, in which Fiedler played (and now I’m quoting from that Trekker web site):

Mr. Hengist; Originally a resident of Rigel IV, later employed as a city administrator on planet Argelius II. Hengist’s body was possessed by an evil energy lifeform that thrived on the emotion of terror and was responsible for several brutal murders. This entity, which traveled to Argelius Ii in Hengist’s body, was also known as Redjac, Beratis, Kesla, and Jack the Ripper.

Remember? Overcome by a powerful sedative, Hengist/Redjac is unable to act on his murderous rage, but can only mutter, “die, die, die…kill you all…” It’s beautiful.

And now he’s gone too. Damn, damn and triple-damn.

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