The Sound of the Crowd

Would to that it ‘twere so

You know…I’ve often talked to my friends about the proof that Americans have unrealistic expectations about women being things like this:

A few years ago there was a wave of stories in the media about the return of the “full figured,” “curvy” gal. Their examples? Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet. Those cows.

(Images are what some might call “not work safe,” though nothing is exposed in the Barrymore, and the Winslet is merely images from one of the best-known movies of all time)

Now the foot is in the other shoe. Via Slashdot, we find:

{A} New York Daily News…article today discussing the rise of nerd popularity among women in general, and famous women in particular.

Their examples?

Tiger Woods. David Arquette.

Okay, I need to stop here for a definition of terms. Can we agree that anyone who makes more than a million dollars a year is safely free of being called a nerd, at least as far as it’s going to effect his attractiveness to women?

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