The Sound of the Crowd

It’s that time of year again

Hi all,

I’ve mentioned my friend Moya from time to time in this blog, usually with some teasing reference to the fact that she is–oh the eternal, undying shame–a Republican.

Yet counterintuitively, a heart does beat in that (rather spectacular) chest–she’s participating in AIDSWalk. This afternoon she asked if I’d give you, my vast reading audience, a chance to pledge.

I can deny her nothing. She’s been there for me on too many occasions, she likes Kirsty MacColl–and, it may surprise her to learn, she is a little bit of Keitha). So here is the link.

ETA: I pledged in the name of Erasure’s lead singer and co-songwriter Andy Bell, who, it was announced shortly before their new album was released, has HIV and AIDS.

As always, this public service announcement has been brought to you by the Eagle Hand Laundry Company. If your eagles’ hands are dirty…

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