The Sound of the Crowd

Recommended Reading about which, etc

  1. Ha ha, ha ha, ha. Click here to see a funny, funny bumper sticker spotted on an SUV parked among a crowd of cars out for a gay-pride rally. Ha ha, ha ha, ha.

  1. Rumsfeld: “We’re not going to win.”

  1. E-mail “interview” with Wil Wheaton that is actually kind of inspiring, if a bit long.

It goes back to the advice my friend gave me: As a creative person, whether you’re an author, musician, actor or filmmaker, you will end up working harder than anyone else to promote your work, despite the promises they make to you before the contracts are signed. So why give up creative control and an enormous share of the profits when you’re going to do most of the work anyway? Why bust your ass to make someone else rich? There isn’t a stigma attached to self-publishing (or performing in a small theater, or distributing your performance on DVD via the Internet) like there used to be, because more and more people are coming to understand that the audience is an enormous collection of little niches, and every single one of them can be served by small presses or indie distributors. So if you don’t want to participate in the soul-crushing aspects of the entertainment industry, you don’t have to. Self-publishing (or self-producing or distributing, or whatever) is risky, but it’s the best way to participate in the arts without being corrupted by the process of being involved.

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