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You always hurt the ones you love

The Wall Street journal web page has a story about how regardless of what the jury decides, Michael Jackson is in serious financial trouble, and is being advised to sell his stake in the Beatles songwriting catalog.


Mr. Jackson has expressed an emotional tie to the Sony/ATV asset – he bought it partly out of love for the Beatles

Lying sack of…If he loved the Beatles so much, ask him why he screwed his collaborator Paul McCartney out of his own songs. Ask him why he sold “Something” for a car commercial against George Harrison’s wishes.

I’m on the fence about the child molestation thing, leaning towards not beliving it*. But this shit pisses me off.

*I think he’s crazy about nine different other ways, just not that one. The problem is, he’s got (or had) the money to keep people who might have helped him away from him.

It’s just seemed clear to me for a while that he has no one in his life who can basically give him a slap and bring him back to reality. With the kind of money he had, you can surround yourself only with people who will help you sustain the illusion that you’re still a nine-year-old boy.

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