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Senate apologizes for not outlawing lynching

One of the resolution’s chief sponsors, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-Louisiana, noted that the public nature of many of the lynchings was particularly disturbing.

“This was a community spectacle and the Senate of the United States knew it,” Landrieu said. “There may be no other injustice in American history for which the Senate so uniquely bears responsibility.”</i>

Ok, up front, lynching = bad. Everyone agree? Good.

“No other injustice…”? Try the current war for starters, you feel good asshat.

And the really interesting bit about this waste of tax dollars is this:

Asked why the resolution was not put to a straight yes-or-no vote and why the debate on the Senate floor had to take place at night, Landrieu said she had accepted the conditions she was offered by the Senate leadership. She noted Congress’ busy schedule.

By early evening, at least 75 senators had signed onto the resolution.


This was done by a secret vote after the regular session of the Senate. Why? Are there actually Senators that WOULDN’T sign this? Lord.

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