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NCLB works!

Calif. Teachers Urged to Pass Students

SANTA ANA, Calif. – A high school principal asked teachers to reconsider the grades of failing seniors to help the school meet federal requirements under the No Child Left Behind law.

Saddleback High School Principal Esther Jones sent teachers a memo on Thursday asking them to reconsider the grades of 98 students, saying “please review your records for these students and determine if they would merit a grade of ‘D’ instead of a failure.”</i>

See, No Child Left Behind works! I betcha at some point, Bush or one of his minions will point to this and go “Why, more kids are graduating in California schools than before the bill was passed!” and the redstaters will nod and go “He’s such a good man”…

While the rest of us go “Fraud, again”.

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