Truth to Power

Read this while watching the (p)resident tonight…

U.S. headed for disaster when efforts in Iraq collapse

Red flags flapping sharply in the wind signal our country is on the verge of a major political – and economic – setback.

We may now be only weeks away from a complete collapse of the Iraqi army and the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq in the face of overwhelming public pressure on Tony Blair.

That is a realistic projection based on the reports of two Washington Post reporters, whose dispatches from inside Iraqi Army units and U.S. units assigned to train and work with the Iraqi military have just been published.

What the Post reporters found was massive disenchantment on both sides: American forces bitterly disappointed with the Iraqi government forces, and Iraqi troops harboring similar feelings toward their American counterparts. Only a small percentage of all Iraqi troops are now estimated to be adequately trained to take over the defense of their country. Desertions are widespread. </i>

So when Bush appears on your TV tonight (sure as hell won’t be on mine…) and does his impression of Baghdad Bob (“We’ve turned a corner! Freedom on the march! Mission Accomplished!”), read this and get a fuller image of what’s going on in your name.

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