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Bush Hints He Will Withhold Other Papers on Bolton


WASHINGTON, May 31 – President Bush criticized Senate Democrats on Tuesday for “stalling” a vote on John R. Bolton’s nomination as ambassador to the United Nations, and indicated that he would not grant them access to intelligence documents they have demanded to see before allowing the confirmation to go ahead.

Mr. Bush’s statements, at a news conference in the Rose Garden, suggested that he was intent on winning the battle over Mr. Bolton on his own terms when the Senate reconvenes next week, rather than negotiating a deal with Democrats and some Republicans who have been advocating a compromise.

Democrats delayed a vote on the nomination on Thursday night, saying they wanted access to classified information about Mr. Bolton’s conduct that the administration has refused for weeks to provide.

“Now in terms of the requests for the documents, I view that as just another stall tactic,” Mr. Bush said, “another way to delay, another way not to allow Bolton to get an up or down vote.”

Democrats gave no indication they would back down. “Mr. Bolton’s fate lies with the president,” said Jim Manley, the spokesman for Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader. “If he agrees to turn over the requested information about his nominee, then Mr. Bolton will get his up or down vote. The Senate is entitled to the information. It’s really that simple.”</i>

Rumor has it the reason these particular papers are being held back is that they perhaps show American firms trading with nations that were blocked from doing business with the US. Hmm….

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