Bear Claw

Bear Claw

Bear Claw

Find the Sun

Sick Room

Holy Crap! This Bear Claw album is so good that I want to drop to my knees and thank The Maker! The music is tribal, rudimentary, awkward, angular and incredibly aggressive. Fans of Shellac, June of 44, Dianogah and the like, take note! Find the Sun is an album that you MUST own! Not only do these guys sound a lot like Shellac, they had Steve Albini produce this album for them.

Bear Claw is comprised of drums and two basses, much like the aforementioned Dianogah. Yet, while Dianogah sounds boxey and completely mathematical, Bear Claw is able to step outside of the confines of using only two bass guitars. Songs like “Chameleon” stutter and scamper in an early Dismemberment Plan manner, totally contradicting the robotic stereotypes of “mathcore.” The guys in Bear Claw are excellent musicians. Their melodies are spastic and multidimensional, turning the typically boring bass guitar into something more dynamic.

In short, this album pummels, punishes and makes me want to jump out of my seat and boogie down. It’s a welcome sound in today’s current flood of screamo saturation; Bear Claw hasn’t forgotten what it means to tamper with the dynamics of sound, with the end goal being to create innovative music that pushes the envelop. This is clearly one of the year’s top 10 albums, of any genre. I absolutely love it!

Sick Room:

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