Hail To The Queen

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Israeli-born Leerone is certainly an independent artist with a distinctive edge. Her music exists purely on its own terms, in no way pandering to commercialism or musical trends.

Right from the first bars of the heartfelt opener, “Take It All In,” Hail To The Queen captivates and pleases in equal magnitude. “1492” is sassy and upbeat, and there are hints of Carole King in her voice and delivery. The sparse piano ballad “Coming” recalls the emotion of Tori Amos with shades of Alanis Morrisette and even Kate Bush. Yet despite these references, Leerone’s music remains entirely individual. “Mutha Land” demonstrates this most succinctly, closing the EP with a song of rare beauty and power.

Hail To The Queen definitely marks Leerone out as a truly talented singer/songwriter with something interesting to say.

Leerone: www.leerone.com

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