Sunny So Brite

Sunny So Brite

Sunny So Brite

The New American Century


Followers of President Bush will probably flinch at Sunny So Brite’s view of the Iraq War, especially considering the back cover of their latest album, which depicts a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty holding a M-16. However, liberal politics took Green Day to the Grammys and platinum-plus sales, and Sunny So Brite are keeping with the punk rock tradition of social complaint and anti-authoritarian rage.

Sunny So Brite aren’t punks, at least not in the Blink-182 sense of the word. Musically, the group likes to expand their sonic reach, using guitar fuzz to take listeners on a far less straightforward journey. There’s a bit of Pink Floyd psychedelia and My Bloody Valentine shoegaze ambiance in the band’s sound, which is certainly a welcome change of pace. The vocals recall the southern sweetness of The Connells’ George Huntley, and it’s shocking that Mitch Easter hasn’t produced this Alabama-based group yet.

Not all of Sunny So Brite’s messages are audible, and some of the tunes do take repeated spins to rule the speakers. Nevertheless, this is a shockingly good record from an unsigned group. Most appetizing are “W,” “Holiday,” “Secrets Under Scars” and “Make Your Mind Up (Canada),” all of which are brimming with fiery hearts and snappy vocal hooks. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming along with “W.”

Sunny So Brite:

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