The RadioSirens

The RadioSirens

The RadioSirens


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Flashing back to the female vocal acts of the early ’90s, The RadioSirens make pop music that digests quickly and tastes good if you’re in the mood. The triangular group headshot on the cover probably offers a better idea of what this album sounds like than my review. If you look at it and think, “Adult Contemporary with soulful singing and a pinch of jazz,” well, that’d be fairly accurate. The gals do not write or compose their own tunes, but that’s expected from this genre. Thankfully, their voices are as attractive as their physical appearances.

The lyrics are deeper than usual, having a poetic edge that transcends what one normally expects from classy, sophisticated and otherwise straightforward material such as this. “The silver moon glows as mother sings a lullaby/Hoping with each note her son will cease to cry,” sings Leanne Thorne on “Colors of Life.” Those are words you’d expect to hear from a ’60s folk-rock act, not a Top-40 artist. Indeed, the lyrics are a pleasant surprise.

The harmonies are breezy and uplifting. The gals truly shine on “All There Is,” the best song on the album, alongside “Silhouettes.” Songwriter Jenny Tarof and composer Larry Tarof deftly combine art and commerce, and the ladies do a wonderful job of making their vision palatable to the masses.

The RadioSirens:

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