Turing Machine

Turing Machine

Turing Machine


French Kiss Records

Here’s a cool little set of experimental tunes that works better than most. With veterans of Panthers, Pitchblende and Jets to Brazil, Turing Machine programs a driving rhythm that isn’t completely buried under the clunks and chunks so often associated with the dreaded “e” word. What you do get are seven aggressive tracks that sound like the climax of an art film. No vocals, little melody, but rhythm, rhythm and more rhythm and the feeling that you’re going somewhere fast, somewhere important, somewhere now. I’ve listened all the way through several times, and while I can’t really tell one song from another, they all induce a sense of urgency. Just don’t listen to Zwei while stuck in traffic, because this music wants you to GO somewhere.

French Kiss Records: www.frenchkissrecords.com

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