Year Future

Year Future

Year Future

The Hidden Hand

Gold Standard Labs

I imagine the teenage fans of The Killers will hear the latest Year Future EP and say things like, “Oh man, these guys are totally ripping off The Killers!” Thankfully, people who’ve been alive for more than 16 years are cognizant that Year Future’s sound is actually much more than typical late-1970s Gang of Four borrowing…

While there are hints of Gang of Four on The Hidden Hand, many of the band members’ previous bands come out through the three songs here. The unbridled ferocity is reminiscent of the late and incredibly missed Angel Hair, and the grooviness of the songs recalls memories of VSS. However, these guys are not stuck in their respective pasts; they’re making music that totally intimidates, growls and spits in the face of today’s “punk” music. With no chance of selling hundreds of thousands of records, Year Future cares more about rocking your pants off than putting forth a good public image. Now that’s “punk.”

These three songs rock a lot harder than previous Year Future releases I’ve heard, and they’re totally addictive. The only downside is that the disc is only 10 minutes long, so don’t get comfortable while listening.

Gold Standard Labs:

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