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What utter BS

White House: Deficit Plummeting to $333B


WASHINGTON – Surging revenues and a steady economy have led the White House to project that this year’s federal budget deficit will drop to $333 billion, nearly $100 billion below earlier estimates. “We’re ahead of projections now,” President Bush said Wednesday. Bush said the improving deficit picture vindicated his stewardship of the economy and budget.

“These numbers indicate that we’re going to cut the deficit in half faster than the year 2009 – so long as Congress holds the line on spending,” Bush said following a Cabinet meeting.</i>

For a number of reasons (ha!) I could never be a politician, one of which being that I can’t stand there and spout utter falsehoods and get away with it. Go and read this article, and while you do, ponder the following. After the budget surpluses of the Clinton years, “only” having a deficit of $333 billion is akin to saying “I only beat my wife every other day, instead of all 7 like I used to…” as if thats some grand statement.

And while you’re reading? Scan real carefully for the words Iraq or Afghanistan. You won’t find them, because Bush never mentions them when talking about the budget. The war in Iraq is costing this country over a billion dollars a MONTH- over $300 billion so far and rising. So add that to the total and run the numbers again.

What a pack of contemptible liars.

Oh yeah, the bit about “if Congress holds the line on spending…”? Bush has never vetoed a single bill presented to him, so whatever got spent, he approved- and it’s his party controlling Congress!

The more time you spend attempting to follow these people, the more you hear the refrain in your head- “Who ya gonna believe? Me, or your own lyin’ eyes?” What did we as a nation do to deserve these treasonous, lying extremists, anyway?

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