Just for fun

Just for fun

Just for fun, take a gander over here at the Watergate timeline , and this item:

October 20, 1973

Saturday Night Massacre: Nixon fires Archibald Cox and abolishes the office of the special prosecutor. Attorney General Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William D. Ruckelshaus resign. Pressure for impeachment mounts in Congress.

And then, less than a year later (August 8th, 1974) Nixon resigns.

Why bring this up? Because of this item tucked away in a story about Congress FINALLY “investigating” (in quotes because a Republican Congress will never willingly investigate anything concerning Bush) the Plame/Rove treason scandal.

Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, intends to preside over hearings on the intelligence community’s use of covert protections for CIA agents and others involved in secret activities.

…(Roberts spokesperson) Little said the Senate committee would also review the probe of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, who has been investigating the Plame case for nearly two years.

They won’t look into the comprimising of national security for over two years after it was brought to their attention, and when they finally do, they are going to be looking into the DOJ prosecutor? Shades of Watergate, it seems to me.

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