Before Today

Before Today

Before Today

A Celebration of an Ending

Equal Vision

Before Today are yet another in the endless stream of “screamo” bands currently floating from the top of the mountain. They play distorted, melodic guitar parts that occasionally border on being metal-based. The singer has a super high-pitched singing voice, and of course, he screams during the band’s choruses. These guys are basically a faster and less entertaining version of Thrice. Their sound is stale and totally overdone. Yet, the band’s guitarist deserves kudos for his fascinating skills. If you do buy this album, pay close attention to the little guitar fills he does, such as the one about 30 seconds into “Enlarge Your Hearts”; he hits about 20 notes in like two seconds. It’s amazing! It’s not just his hot licks that are awesome; his riff construction and ear for catchy melodies are quite striking.

I swear, when one’s guitar playing can make up for an album that’s entirely marred by one of the worst vocalists ever, you know you’re listening to true talent. It should also be known that the drummer is strong, as well. Unfortunately, he’s buried in the mix, underneath the guitars and vocals. I have a hard time believing that these guys will be able to keep up with the likes of Thrice, simply because their songs are almost too fast and too high pitched, even for the wussiest of emo-wussies out there! Try this one out at your own risk.

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