Blessid Union of Souls

Blessid Union of Souls

Blessid Union of Souls


Ultrax Records

Perception is Blessid Union of Souls’ first studio album since a recent best-of collection seemed to spell the end of the band’s career. And for anyone who values the pop sensibilities of singer/songwriter Eliot Sloan, it’s a welcome return.

The band scored four top ten hits during a spell at Capitol Records, with a couple of syrupy ballads and some inspired pop-rock songs, and the approach has not really changed with Perception. Even though ballads like “Let’s Get Out of Here” leave me cold, sure-fire radio hits, such as opener “Could’ve Been With You,” are what Blessid Union of Souls do best. Thankfully, the more upbeat songs outweigh the slower-paced ones, with “She’s The One” hinting at a slightly new direction and “Wild Side of Me” and “How Does It Feel Coming Down” no doubt satisfying long-time fans.

The band’s peak may be in the past, but Perception shows that Blessid Union of Souls — and Eliot Sloan in particular — deserve at least another shot at the big time.

Blessid Union of Souls:

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