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Hip hop heads can all remember the late ’80s/early ’90s, when hard-line politics mixed with hard-ass beats. Boston’s own Insight remembers that volatile time and resurrects the spirit that feels all but dead in the present-day rap scene.

The Maysun Project feels totally old school, and yet it is still fresher than oven-baked bread. Insight brings his formidable production skills (he’s worked with the likes of KRS-One, Pete Rock, Mr. Lif and running partner Dagha) to bring you hip-hop the way it’s supposed to be: raw and in your face. With an old school cadence that’s reminiscent of the Spoonie Gs and P.U.T.S.s of the world, Insight slings pure acid on today’s political scene. W., consumerism, the military-industry complex and multinational corporations are all exposed to the burn.

On occasion, like on “Heaven and Hell” and “Confrontation,” Insight gives you distortion-heavy hardcore beats. Other times, he goes back to ’88, with songs like “Intermission” (where he gives a Big Daddy Kane rapid-fire delivery) or “The Threat.” Spoken word makes an appearance with Michael Elmoore on “Conference.” Dagha, Mr. Lif, KRS-One and Jayda round out the guest appearances. All combine for a real nice journey into hip-hop’s harder past — and future?

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