Riddlin’ Kids

Riddlin’ Kids

Riddlin’ Kids

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Punk-pop has been done to death, and despite the current resurgence of genre kings Green Day, you have to fear for the likes of Riddlin’ Kids.

The Austin quartet offers nothing new or interesting to a genre already overpopulated with similarly-sounding bands, and thanks to truly horrible, vapid production, the band is already at a disadvantage. Add to that a set of inherently formulaic and derivative songs, and the band’s prospects look even worse. The likes of “Never Live It Down,” “Get To It” and “Just Another Day” make the band sound like a poor man’s Simple Plan or Good Charlotte — talk about damning a band with faint praise.

Just as bands like Firehouse, Britny Fox and others hung onto the coat tails of Guns N’ Roses in the late ’80s and early ’90s, Riddlin’ Kids are on a similar bandwagon. But on this evidence, not for much longer.

Riddlin’ Kids: www.riddlinkids.com

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