There’s more than an air of finality about Singles.

Travis rose to prominence in Britain and, to a much lesser extent, the States with the breakthrough album The Man Who on the back of the delicate acoustics of “Driftwood” and the morose, plodding anthem “Why Does It Always Rain On Me.” But a couple of patchy follow-ups later, and it seems clear enough that Travis, with their brand of inoffensive, jangly pop-rock, has reached a critical juncture. There are a number of highlights on Singles — most notably the wistful “Writing To Reach You,” the beautiful “Flowers In The Window” and “Love Will Come Through” — but best-of collections for a band with a career as young as Travis’ are usually a sign of contractual obligations being fulfilled. And with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs and Razorlight heralding the return of a much harder-edged sound in the UK, the band’s decline could indeed be terminal.


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