Truth to Power

But its for the kids!

Apparel Maker Tags RFID For Kids’ Pajamas

Sleepwear is designed to protect children from abductors

By Laurie Sullivan

Children’s sleepwear with radio-frequency identification tags sewn into the seams is expected to hit stores in early 2006. Made by Lauren Scott California, the nightgowns and pajamas will be one of the first commercial RFID-tagged clothing lines sold in the United States.

Or how about this?

Council listens in to Soho crowds

Iain Thomson, 04 May 2005

Westminster Council is piloting a scheme to install microphones on lampposts to augment CCTV coverage with audio snooping.

For more examples of RFID big brother exploits- all to keep us safe, you understand- try the CASPIAN website.

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