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Ag Dept. Cites Plants on Mad-Cow Rules

LIBBY QUAID, Associated Press Writer

Mon Aug 15, 7:44 PM ET

WASHINGTON – Inspectors have found more than 1,000 violations of rules aimed at preventing mad cow disease from reaching humans, the Agriculture Department said Monday. No contaminated meat reached consumers, the agency said.

The rules were created in response to the nation’s first case of mad cow disease in December 2003. They require that brains, spinal cords and other nerve parts – which can carry mad cow disease – be removed when older cows are slaughtered. The at-risk tissues are removed from cows older than 30 months because infection levels are believed to rise with age.</i>

This won’t be surprising to anyone who has read the horrifying Fast Food Nation, but the notion that purely for profit a cattleman would feed his cows possibly diseased feed- feed made up of parts of other cows- is appalling. How these people can look in a mirror each morning is amazing to me. I’d be too ashamed.

Oh yeah, the bit about “none reaching consumers”? I imagine that is simply CYA talk.

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