Live In San Diego (DVD)

Columbia Music Video

The brand new Switchfoot studio album, Nothing Is Sound, is just around the corner. But until then, Live In San Diego is a necessary diversion for fans of the band. Featuring the majority of the tracks from Switchfoot’s breakthrough, multi-platinum album The Beautiful Letdown, this energetic live show will be met with slight disappointment from long-time fans, as tracks from the band’s early career are excluded. But at least the brilliant “Learning To Breathe” makes an appearance.

Elsewhere, alternative modern rock smash hits such as “Meant To Live” and “This Is Your Life” get the crowd rocking. Set closer “Dare You To Move” is an epic showstopper. Extras include some brief interviews, a photo gallery and a behind the scenes clip of the “Meant To Live” video. Throughout, vocalist Jon Foreman provides impassioned interludes, encapsulating his faith and the state of the world. This is a welcome change from the usual clichéd rock star platitudes heard at live shows.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this DVD is the chance to see the band play such an intimate venue, because after the release of Nothing Is Sound, I suspect appearances by Switchfoot anywhere but arenas will be few and far between.

Switchfoot: http://www.switchfoot.com

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