Truth to Power

Overheard at a chinese restaurant

Having lunch yesterday with the love of my life, when I overheard a family discussing 9-11 behind us. Two parents and their daughter, who asked why we were attacked, and I was amazed to hear the father respond, “Well, there are a lot of people who don’t like us, because we’re free.” I was sorta taken aback, since I hadn’t heard that line in what, a year? Even the most strident of right wing thugs have given that gibberish up- Bush doesn’t even mention it anymore.

Because it’s always been BS, and it’s depressing beyond belief to hear it being poured into young impressionable ears. Once I heard the father speak “Kerry” and the phrase “strong leader” (referring, I suppose, to Chimp) I couldn’t hear anymore, thankfully. But, if history is any indication, and this young girl grows up to question and abandon much of what her parents attempted to instill in her, she’ll see past the empty, Fox News-rhetoric of her parents and come to her own conclusions.

Otherwise, we f’n doomed…

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