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And this as well

So the blame game continues to grow (its not blame, its accountability, something sorely lacking in this country since, oh, 2000), the missteps of Bush and his minions are vast, but as an impartial news source (har, har…) TTP lists the things Bush did do:

Awarded his buddies Halliburton a half billion dollar contract to repair naval facilities in the Gulf region, and Halliburton installed another former campaign hack of Bush to run it.

Relaxed environmental standards on oil, and released gas from the SPR, to assist his buddies in the energy industry. Oh, I meant, us poor beleagured consumers. Uh huh.

Got his probable next Supreme Court nominee, Mr. Torture Alberto Gonzales some good national facetime touring the region. WTF the Attorney General is supposed to do in that situation, I dunno. Although perhaps he can have the good American who yelled “Go fuck yourself, Mr Cheney” promptly arrested, or something.

Found an obscure 1931 law that allows for federal contractors to pay workers less than minimum wage during this “national emergency”. So, if you’ve lost your home, job, and possibly far worse, you get the chance to become a slave, too.

See? Bush hasn’t been loafing. He’s been taking care of his people. The fact that none of those people actually LIVE in the Gulf, well, thats just nitpicking, I guess. To his credit, however, he does make it so simple to see where his interests and energies lie. And it ain’t us.

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