Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Hard Skin

Same Meat, Different Gravy

TKO Records

Well, it’s good to know the Oi Boys are still alive and well in England. You might remember them — skins who complain about women and beer prices, and spend their odd moments beating the crap out of anybody they can, including each other. This rough and ready collection of thrashing music is surprisingly fresh, given this style has been floating around since Reagan was president.

Now, I know these guys are good musicians, just take a listen to “Hard Stuff,” the opening cut. Beneath its coarse and essentially unintelligent lyrics, there’s a tight arrangement, with every chord and note right where it needs to be. Later on, the band takes some liberties, but the hard fact is you need to be a really good musician to SOUND like you just stole your first guitar to complain about the system. Can Hard Skin change the world? Hardly. Oi! is about testosterone and boredom, not about planning and politics. Yet, they are a good step above their compatriots, who will doubtlessly take the next opportunity to thrash them. Why? It’s an Oi! thing. You’re not supposed to understand.

TKO Records: www.tkorecords.com

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