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“Some dreams of our present will be the reality of our future.” This statement holds true for Germany’s groundbreaking songwriter Stefan Poiss, who has brought his visionary dreams into the present. On their second release, Dreamweb, Mind in a Box displays high levels of grandeur and spectacle. The album kicks off with the thematic “Tape Evidence,” a lush soundscape engulfing you at every turn. Stefan shows off his programming skills by keeping the listener on edge. By the song’s midpoint, the tempo is notched up to a nice dance groove. One of Stefan’s greatest skills is his vocal performance. Provocative whispers mix with vocal samples and intriguing lyrics take us to other worlds. “Certainty” follows with a stellar musical assembly coupled with haunting vocals. This one could run for best new single. I can’t seem to keep myself from hitting the repeat button on this gem. The mysterious “Lament for Lost Dreams” continues along the same dream-like path at a slower pace, ideal for night time driving down a dimly lit road. For the adrenaline junkies, “Machine Run” provides bombastic energy at the red line. Strap yourself in when jamming to this one at maximum volume.

Pounding beats play alongside Stefan’s unique vocal treatments. The chorus here is mesmerizing. As with each track on the album, Mind in a Box keeps the changes coming from all angles. A softer side is found on “Loyalty,” where moving lyrics carry our imaginations into oblivion. It is easy to see why this band receives such high praise across Europe. The rapid fire “Sun and Storm” raises the blood pressure and commands attention. As with several of the previous songs, this one carries a vibrant chorus that delivers. “Out of Time” begins with a trance feel and robotic style vocals. BPMs are raised, as you drift off into a world of discovery. Get ready to dance your ass off as well. For those who enjoy the harder side of electronics, “Dead End” will leave you gasping for air. Intense analog bass lines combined with a sizzling delivery make for the ideal mosh pit ensemble. Machine warfare never sounded so good.

“The Dream” follows with a wonderful melody and song structure. It is evident that Stefan is a perfectionist who strives to impress. And impress he does quite well. Attention to every detail is abundant throughout. And just when you think things are winding down, “Reflections” oozes a slower paced yet equally beautiful work of art. Emotionally charged lyrics and gorgeous melodies result in an out of body experience. Pulsing percussion sneaks up toward the midpoint, making for a climactic pinnacle. Sampled guitars add a well-suited roughness to the song. With no sign of slowing down, “Between Worlds” ramps up and takes us to a larger plane. Hovering over the conscious mind, Dreamweb is a venture into new realms of discovery. Don’t let this one pass you by as just another experimental release. Mind in a Box has charted an exciting course for electronic music. And I, for one, am along for the ride.

Metropolis Records: www.metropolis-records.com

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