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Good times a comin’

In the next six months the country will face its greatest challenge since the Civil War. The confluence of potential threats is unprecedented. Experts are predicting that oil supplies will not meet demand in the first quarter of 2006. This is bound to cause skyrocketing prices, long lines at gas stations, a downward-trend in the economy, and a declining dollar. The American economic landscape, already full of potholes, is heading for an even bumpier road ahead. The soaring deficits, the jobless recovery, the humongous housing bubble, and a personal savings rate lower than any time since the Great Depression; all foreshadow an end to the giddy Clinton-era prosperity. Meanwhile, the Bush troupe is on a spending-bacchanal that’s put the country on the fast-track to ruin. Bush is like the girl who couldn’t say no; shoveling out the bucket-loads of cash to every mega-corporation that lines up at the White House lawn with a begging bowl in hand. A quick review of Iraq, (where the $18 billion in reconstruction money vanished into the flannel pockets of Bush constituents) or New Orleans (the next destination for the ravenous corporate parasites) shows that the well-oiled system of cronyism is in full meltdown mode. There’s simply not enough payola to fill the coffers of every crook in the Bush phone directory.


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