I’m interested in knowing what sort of reactions are you having to todays events?

Disappointment? Anger?

or perhaps, hope? Hope that maybe this cloud might be lifting, finally?

And as an aside, we are, as the cliche goes, truly watching “history in the making”. Someday perhaps I’ll have grandchildren (no time soon, please!) and I’ll be able to go “oh, I know what happened, I watched it…”. For example, watching Hardball just now, Chris Tweety Matthews is interviewing journalist Matt Coopers lawyer, and asking him, “Doesn’t this just come down to “he said/she said”? I mean, reporters hear things everyday from government officials, and isn’t it just a matter of “know without talking about it?”

This is staggering, since Matthews is one of the reporters he’s referring to. Rove called him and said that “Wilson’s wife is fair game”. So Chris Matthews is talking about why Chris Matthews won’t talk about what government officials told him about a CIA agent and her husband.

Wee! It’s Alice In Wonderland, live!

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