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James Guffee

James Guffee

So Much For Secrets

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The amicable split of the much-loved LA band The Tories left power-pop aficionados despondent. But now, the burgeoning solo careers of all three former members should provide ample consolation. Following Steve Bertrand’s excellent modern rock band Avion and guitarist JJ Farris’s new outfit, Red 37, is James Guffee’s debut solo album, So Much For Secrets. Bertrand may have been responsible for vocals for The Tories, but on So Much For Secrets, Guffee is more than comfortable behind the mic. The album is a true solo effort in every way; Guffee wrote, produced and performed everything himself.

All ten polished, highly melodic tracks have a similar feel to the material on The Tories’ Upside Of Down release, but the epic rocker “Without You” bears the closest resemblance. Elsewhere, the straight-ahead pop of “Come Back To Me” kicks off the album and is followed by the unforgettable pop-rockers “Sideways” and “Thinking Too Much.” “If I Should Ask” is another trademark Guffee tune — slick, distinctive and with a massive hook — while “I Do” is a highly personal song with a more acoustic feel to it.

So Much For Secrets not only sees the emergence of James Guffee’s talents outside the confines of The Tories, but it also provides another compelling reason why the break-up of his former band may not have been such a bad thing after all.

James Guffee: www.jamesguffee.com

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