Phyllis Addison

Phyllis Addison

Phyllis Addison

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A little New Age everyday won’t hurt; think of it as one of the musical trace minerals you need to stay healthy. Phyllis Addison looks like one of those tall elegant women you see at art openings, passing from yoga classes to a quick shopping trip at Whole Foods. There’s more here than atonal noodling. Most of her music carries a strong rhythmic element that propels her sultry vocals. It’s certainly not a Drum and Bass thing, but threads of jazz peek out from the almost trance-like vocal arrangements, and you might find a bit of lounginess as well. The song that most attracts me is the Near Eastern “Om Sri Da,” which could easily be on the soundtrack of your favorite falafel house. I would rate this record “calming,” and not bad for your mom if she wears a lot of squash blossom jewelry.

Phyllis Addison:

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